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Join Our Nursing Team at Premiere Home and Nursing Care Inc. in the Niagara Region

Come join our team at Premiere Home and Nursing Care Inc. in the Niagara region! Our RNs and RPNs provide in-home and nursing care for client needs determined on an individual basis. We offer competitive pay, shift nursing and individual training. We also provide health benefits to all our employees.

Employee Qualifications and Expectations

RNs and RPNs provide care to clients who are individuals or groups of individuals, including family members and significant others. Both RNs and RPNs provide care in situations in which a client’s condition is less complex and the outcomes of care are predictable. RPNs that provide aspects of care in situations that are beyond this do so in collaboration with RNs and with other members of the healthcare team. RNs also provide care in situations in which a client’s condition is more complex and the outcomes of care are not predictable. The following factors must be considered in determining who should provide care in situations that are beyond the RPN’s scope of competence:

  • The complexity of the client’s condition including the predictability of the outcome for the client
  • The knowledge, skill and judgment required to assess for and deal with the risks involved
  • The resources (human and otherwise) available in the environment for collaboration and/or assistance

College of Nurses of Ontario Professional Standards 1999

All professional staff must present a current Registration/Certificate of Competence from their provincial licensing body at the time of hire and each year. They will be asked to show current CPR certification. Premiere Home and Nursing Care Inc. requires RNs to hold membership with Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, and be asked to sign a Confidentiality Form. All professional staff will meet the requirements of the provincial licensing body in regard to their standards and ethics of work.

Staff must be free of communicable diseases. If, at any time, Premiere Home and Nursing Care Inc. has serious concern regarding the employee’s fitness to perform his/her work, we reserve the right to request that the employee go for a health assessment with their family physician. The physician will be asked to assess whether the employee is fit to do the essential duties of their work. Prior to the completion of the probationary period, a staff member is required to:

  • Receive a satisfactory performance appraisal and have completed the designated orientation program

Supervision is an ongoing process of support, monitoring and evaluating employees and their performance to assure quality of care, satisfaction of the client and employee development. Employees of Premiere Home and Nursing Care Inc. can expect a performance appraisal at six months and annually or as a situation warrants. Performance evaluations are based on self-evaluation, supervisory report and the client.

Here are some of the requirements we expect from nurses that work with us in the Niagara region. We require that:

  • Each nurse will provide, facilitate and promote the best possible professional service.
  • Each nurse possesses and continually strives to acquire further knowledge relevant to the professional service she or he provides. He/she participates in the College of Nurses Quality Assurance program.
  • Each nurse continually strives to improve the application of professional knowledge through analysis and evaluation and modifies practices accordingly. She/he carries out interventions according to policy and standards, documents according to Nursing Documentation Standards (1996) and raises related questions as necessary.
  • Each nurse ensures that practice is consistent with ethical standards outlined by the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Each nurse is accountable to the public and responsible for ensuring that her or his practice and conduct meet legislative requirements and the standards of the profession.

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